Pyrenees Hay purchases quality Oaten Hay from local Farmers.  The Farmers deliver directly into the processing plant from a radius of about 100km of Avoca (which is two hours north west of the Port of Melbourne). The hay is stored in sheds on site and then put through the processing plant.

The processing consists of a teaser pulling the bales apart and re-baling the loose product into a conventional small bale, with adjustable weights according to which country the product is being exported to. The bale then travels along a conveyor belt and into the hydraulic compactor. The bales are then compacted into 26 kg bales. The bales are stacked on a pallet shape and strapped or wrapped in cling film plastic wrap, Pyrenees Hay is able to offer both options. These packs are then put straight into a container on site. The containers are fumigated on site and then transported to the Port of Melbourne. 

Quality Oaten Hay, the majority of our Oaten Hay product is exported to feed mills and incorporated into a Total Maintenance Ration (TMR). The TMR is then bagged and sold predominantly to dairy farms. Our product so far has been sold into the Asian and Middle Eastern market.

Individual Bale Sizes 500mm x 400mm x 320mm

Individual Bale Weight 26kg


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Dennis Ross, Manager / Vice Chairman,

Pyrenees Hay Processors Co-operative Ltd,
94 Avoca - Bealiba Road,
Avoca, Victoria, Australia 3467
Tel: +61 3 5465 3633
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Monday 23rd September 2019